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    Ok well your connections are correct.

    Now set the Rotary dial to "C" and set the micro stepping you want then do AutoConfig on the drive. Either using Software or Flicking SW4 2 times in 2 seconds.
    You may hear the motors buzz and change tone, they squal at first and you'll hear a hiss. This is normal.

    If you have enabled the axis in Motor Outputs and the drives connected to correct channel terminals there is no reason why you shouldn't move.

    For testing I suggest you remove everything that isn't required just for movement. Except E-stop. That means MPG Module and any other Inputs or outputs. So limts, homes, spindle output etc.
    I can't see why any of these would affect anything but for elimination purposes remove them and start with minimum.

    When you have changed these things and if it still doesn't move then go to the Plug-in control and open Plug-in. In the DeBug window you'll see Hm Counters.
    If these are changing while jogging then pulses are going out to the drives. This means the drives them selfs are not working.?

    Now the chances you have 3 or 4 faulty drives is Nill and would suggest some other problem.? This could be the Enable inside the drive software is set to PNP meaning you'll need to supply current to enable the drive. This is the only thing I can see that would stop the drive working.
    By default Enable uses NPN meaning you pull the ENA pin to Ground to disable the drive so it should be enabled if unconnected.

    After this then I can't help without being infront of the machine.!!

    If all else fails then Re-install Mach3 and Cslabs Plug-in.
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    Thanks for the input jazz, we are moving now on the x axis, I disconnected anything that's not needed then tested and no movement so opened debug window and the system state changed when jog pressed so I swapped drive for the a axis ( I only connected the x for trial purposes, damage limitation and all that) still no movement then took the motor off to check the holding torque and that was impressively good so all the signs that "system status" was good my next thing was to uninstall and reinstall Mach but as a last attempt I moved the step and dir wires to channel 2 terminals (z) and the x works fine and does exactly what you tell it to, so I moved wires to y Channel terminals and no response so I put them back to z channel and we run fine!!!
    But now I don't want to connect the ALM and ENA signals back to the drive in case I buggered the 0 and 1 channel this way, as its a 4 axis machine I still have enough channels to run it properly I have altered the channel numbers to suit the correct axes and I am going to wire the step and dir signals tomorrow night and get everything else moving before starting on the home switches,
    I don't know how the 2 channels are damaged have you any ideas what it takes to stop them working?
    chris w

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris w View Post
    I don't know how the 2 channels are damaged have you any ideas what it takes to stop them working?
    Well I pretty sure it won't be because of the ALM or ENA that's damaged the 5V Motor outputs because 24V General purpose Outputs are completely separate. And the ALM would be using Input's which are definately separate.
    The Only thing I can think that would cause this is if you wired the Step & Dir wrong at drive and sent to ground. Because of the way the controller works using differential outputs then the Motor outputs are not isolated for performance gains. Unfortunatly this does come with some risk and is on the users head to make sure they wire correctly.

    Read the Info about Differential signals either on Cslabs site, I think there is PDF manual installed when installing Plug-in etc check it out.

    Personaly I would double check all connections and cables. Make sure you have channels set correctly and using correct pins for that channel. Then if sure they are blown send it back.
    I've never known blown controller without it being caused by user error.! . . . But there's always a first time.!!!
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    It must be my fault that the channels are down I suppose it's all part of that very steep incline called the learning curve but I can't afford to take out another channel but I go steady and keep it simple, I will be posting again I am sure about the homes but the more I can do myself then it makes the maintenance of the machine less of a problem,

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    Are the channels repairable does anyone know?
    chris w

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    The homing switches are fitted and working on the x,y and z there is also a switch fitted on the a axis and as the a only clamps every 45 degs the switch "sees" when the a is clamped but the OEM had not connected the switch to anything so I want to use it to confirm the a axis has finished moving and the the z,x and y axes can continue with movements,
    i can't figure out how to disable any movements in xyz until this switch is made, I can connect it to the inputs ok and see the switch working on diagnostic but what in Mach needs settings for this to work?
    does anyone have experience of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris w View Post
    i can't figure out how to disable any movements in xyz until this switch is made, I can connect it to the inputs ok and see the switch working on diagnostic but what in Mach needs settings for this to work?
    does anyone have experience of this?
    Do you mean you want to Halt XYZ from Homing until A axis finished Homing.?

    If so then this is very easy all you need to do is change the Homing script. By default Mach starts with Z then Y then X then A.
    To change then goto Operator menu and choose Edit Button Script. On the Screen the Ref All Home button will flash. Click on it and it will open the script editor.
    Now move the line that says "DoButton( 25 )" to the top of the list. The sequence will then be A, Z, Y, X. The other axis won't move until the A axis finish.
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    Not a wait in the homing sequence but a wait during program if the a is programmed to move 180 degs and takes 6 seconds to move and clamp how will the z know when the move is complete?
    Sorry for not being clear,

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    Ok well in that case then you'll need to create a custom Macro with the commands to wait for the A axis to signal it's finished then turn on any outputs to clamp before passing control back to the main program. You insert the Macro code into your G-code at the point needed.

    Works Exactly like tool change does.
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    I have a problem with motor direction. All motors turns forward/backwards but not responding for Dir LowActive.
    I use keyboard, my machine layout is:
    X (left-,right+)
    Y (back+, forward-)
    Z (up+, down-)
    Orgin in bottom left corner - how I see it

    Only Z works like I wanted
    YX moved opposite and DRO reads negative value.
    I checked all cables all connected like in manual and this thread.
    For X:
    pin1: DIR+
    pin14: DIR-
    pin2: STEP+
    pin15: STEP-

    Step Port: 0
    Dir Port: 0

    Have tried different output pins in Mach 'Motor Outputs'
    I do not want swap the cables over, can't find proper guide how to set the pins either.
    Any help appreciated.

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