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    These are in the UK and not too bad on price Chalon's RT18 DIN fuse holders I've found that Chalon are good value and you get good service from them, or at least I've had good service...
    Yea I can second that, Chalon are just down the road to me in Haydock and as Neil says great service all round, I selected these RT18's for an up coming CAB build too and they look to be just the job, they also have an Chalon-Components-Ltd eBay Shop, as you would expect though things cost more there, like the fuse's for these holders :).

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    Hi guys. sorry for not keeping this log up to date (as progress has been on/off without much of a plan!!) but with all the help/support, finally managed to get this lump of steel moving!!

    Its quite a bit better than my first official cut, which was accidentally plunging 5mm into the bed whilst doing an "air cut". I guess if your as daft as me, the starting test should be "air cut WITH NO TOOL, ESPECIALLY NOT A BOTTOM CLEARING BIT!!"
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    Thank you everyone that helped, especially Dean and Clive for all of their patience! and again Dean for helping me out with the mounts and providing the code for the above

    Next lot of tasks include:
    - Building an enclosure/some sort of extraction to prevent this happening every run:
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    - Maybe filling this thing with sand as when you guys say the machine "starts walking", I always thought you were joking...but to my suprise it actually does!! X axis had just randomly stalled and when looking around, I saw the machine had "walked" back few inches and was rubbing the pulley against the wall!!
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    Hi guys, was wondering if you could help me out with compressors again please? As my old one is not going to be fit for longer term usage (ie, more than a day ), I was looking into getting a new one. This is the one i'm looking at from a local warehouse:
    Reason being, it's covered by a years guarantee so won't be as bad if it does overheat. I know the specs are limited, but in general, what do you think? Suitable for CNC chip clearance? Cheers.

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    Ok but noisy. If noise matters i would go for a piston pump and belt drive motor

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