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    Hi all and thanks for the add.I have been using my Amadeal AMA25 now for the last couple of years and set about making a CNC router.However...due to a change around in my workshop the router has had to be put aside because of lack of room.This has led me to thinking about converting my milling machine to CNC which is why i`ve joined this forum.With the router i got as far as building my Z axis bearing system along with the X and Y (i also built a copy carver a few years back aswell),gantry etc but now i`m going to convert my milling machine i`m hoping for some help with the motors i would need along with the lead screws etc...so any help would be gratefully appreciated.I`m hoping to see some great pics of projects either built or in progress and will be updating as and when i get going.I build a host of things that i put my mind to in my workshop on my milling machine and mini lathe so i`m apt at building and not totally a newbie to projects but as stated i would need some help and information with the motors,control board and then obviously the software.Many thanks again and i look forward to hearing from you guys......All the best

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    First and best advise is don't buy a thing until your sure it's correct for your needs. Avoid kits like the plague they are 99% time not suitable or miss matched.
    Even then if you thik your sure then it's still worth running by the forum because we may have better or cheaper alternative.

    Next best advise is when your ready start asking questions no matter how dumb you may think they be. We all will have asked them or thought them at some time.

    Good luck
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    Many thanks... No worries with the kits... I wouldnt buy them anyway. I'd be machining my own adapter plates etc myself on the handwheel. One bit of advice i was looking for in particular was, was i able to turn a stepper motor with a handwheel or would i have to de-clutch the motor. I was looking at having both options of CNC and hand wheel if you know what i mean. I'm assuming i'm going to need Bipolar motors as opposed to Unipolar for a stronger torque if i'm going to be machining metal (i mainly use aluminium but occasionally mild steel)
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    You'll be fine to leave the stepper motor engaged when machining manually. Don't leave the handles engaged when driving with the stepper motor, as their extra inertia will greatly increase the torque requirement.
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    Well yes you can turn steppers while power is off but it's not very smooth with potential to damage the drives so not recommended really. One option is to use Pulse generator for manual operation of the motors but this gets involved but is do-able.

    Yes you want Bipolar motors and how you wire them will determine how they perform. For best Torque you'd wire them in series but the speed will be lower for same volts and Torque drops off fast as speed rises.
    Wiring in parallel is more common because it gives torque higher up the speed curve.

    Fortunatly if you buy 8 wire motors you have the option to wire either way so if you wire series and find it's not giving what you require you can just rewire and run in parallel.
    Depending on the volts you run then series will most likel suit a slow mill best.

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