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    I have one unused system of CandCNC BladeRunner DragonCut Plasma Pak 620-4 along with the Advanced Connection Kit for Hypertherm with RS485. This is with DTHC II and comes with 4 620 oz-in 3.5A Hybrid Stepper motors. Motors have the extended cable length.

    We initially bought two complete systems to build two Plasma CNC tables. I only built one and there was no need to build the other one, hence its offered for sale now at much lower price than cost. I have a video showing the machine built, send me PM to send you link.

    Price: 900, Pickup from Ealing London. Can check shipping but this is heavy box so send Post Code to check.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I made the offer on eBay. Doesn't seem I can PM you. If you could email me to discuss - peter.radford@virgin.net or call me on 07711282100. Thanks.

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    Thanks. Shipped now.


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