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    Hi, my first post on this forum so hello to everyone.

    My question is, does anybody know anything about "CNC Masters"? A company based in California. I ask as I am looking at buying a CNC milling machine for hobby use and they seem to have just what I am looking for but appears to be too good a price for a machine with that cutting envelope (485x175x127), $5423 plus various taxes still comes out at less than £5500 for a complete turnkey package! The base machine is the same as the manual machine I have now (a Warco Major milling and drilling machine) and has been very reliable for a good number of years now.

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    Hi Orville and welcome to the forum.

    Have you thought about converting your Warco to cnc. I have converted mine that had acme screws and replaced them with ball screws and fitted steppers on it. You already have the mill to make any brackets etc. Are you in Heywood as in Bury Lancs. if so you are more than welcome to pop over to Stockport and see mine if it helps (Warco vmc18)
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    That's a lot of money by the time you have imported what is essentially a £1300 machine. The conversion wouldn't cost £4200.
    Also it's round column machine which isn't the best for CNC conversion because of the head ache with tramming etc every time you move the head or crash it hard.

    In typical marketing style they try to make a poor feature sound good. They state direct motor drive and make out it's a good thing compared to having belts. This isn't the case and Motor connection with belts is much better because it reduces resonance affects on the motors and gives smoother running.

    They also state Manual use and show handles on the rear of the steppers. This isn't ideal either because the inertia of the handles spinning all the time affects motor performance.

    If you have Warco then why not convert it.? . . . That's all this machine is.!

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