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    digital drives cwd556
    cant afford ip-m so have gone for KK01 BOB
    will upgrade to ESS next pay day but will get it moving on this.

    power supply - currently using the 29v supply after learning how to get it all back together again. This will be upgraded to a new cap and transformer for a bigger supply when I can afford it.

    Currently the machine is running and I'm pleased I've got this far. I'd like to wire up the limits and home then it's on to spending money for motion control and supply.

    Information regarding homing was off YouTube, move vids seem to home to the centre.

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    Anyone lend advice regarding limit switches and homing.

    I I have two limit switches at the extreme of each axis, so 6 switches in total. Considering I'll have spindle input on off, touch plate probe etc, am I best putting all limits in series on one pin?

    Im still confused by home switches. I don't see why you need a home and you can't just hit the limit switches as a corner home. Or even hit the limit switches for position and then find a software based home. I must be missing something. Also, most people seem to home to the centre of the bed. What is the best way to mount these switches and have them triggered as I guess they will mechanically get triggered a lot when the machine is actually in action?

    On a full size 'proper' cnc machine the limit switches will lock out the controller until someone with nouce can determine if it is safe to re-set them.

    Remember you are playing with tiddly little stuff, but a full size machine can have several kilowatts of axis drive power that can shift things pretty fast and do very much damage.

    On my Beaver Partsmaster the previous owner screwed up the Y limit switch setting, and it had managed to destroy a VERY expensive 40 mm ball screw and nut - if only those students hadn't fiddled ! (ex Bristol University)

    On my Traub lathe the mass of the tool turret and slide mechanism is huge with servo drives of commensurate size - you don't mess with the limits on those unless you have very deep pockets

    Good practise dictate that you have separate limit and home switches


    The cnc machine is now up and running. I`m blown away with how fast and how accurate it is and how well it did with a 4mm cut depth in brass cutting some text.

    It has no motion control on it yet and just the 25v supply.
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