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    Thank you may be of interest please pm me with a price, may help me to decide which way to go

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    Steve - I would think about 50 for disk, +licence + spiral bound manual. Works very well. You would certainly not want to pay what I paid for it!!!

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    No that was one of the reasons I was going other way, for not much more money I had a updated machine with up to date software I already have mach3, leave it with me and get back to you, may be a idea while I collect bits, unfortunately I don't have home until tomorrow to see if it even moves

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    HI Chris
    Im modifying a simalar machine using all the same bits as you CHD556, a KK01 Bob, and a UC100 Motion control, PLEASE can you help with some pointers on some of your wiring of existing bits,

    1/ how did you rewire the 8 wire stepper motors?

    2/ what did you do with existing PSU how did you wire that?

    Thank you

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