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    Hi. Here is what Fred wrot to me: Please attention the BK12 support we quota to you are in cheaper type with normal Deep groove ball bearing,if you prefer better quality BK12,we have P5 grade with Angular contact bearing type,seems many customers from UK are like this superior type,if change to P5 AC bearing type,the amount will be increase USD58.00 for the 4set.

    Which one you would take? I seen somewhere talking about them cant find now.

    Got quotes from aluminium warehouse for my aluminium plates, is it about right?

    10mm plate

    80 x 67 2pcs 6082 4.10 ea tooling 5.46 ea
    80 x 80 4pcs 6082 6.58 ea tooling 8.75 ea
    80 x 40 1pc 6082 2.85 ea tooling 3.75 ea
    114 x 120 1pc 6082 10.76 ea tooling 14.32 ea
    87 x 87 4pcs 6082 6.58 ea tooling 8.75 ea
    45 x 60 1pc 6082 2.40 ea tooling 3.20 ea
    50 x 60 1pc 6082 2.00 ea tooling 4.20 ea

    20mm plate

    200 x 67 2pc 6082 26.30 ea tooling 35.00 ea
    200 x 50 1pc 6082 16.40 ea tooling 21.81 ea

    25mm plate

    45 x 60 2pcs 6082 6.00 ea tooling 7.98 ea
    50 x 60 2pcs 6082 6.58 ea tooling 8.75 ea
    Cariage 22.30

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    Yes go with the P5 AC bearings they are far superior and worth the extra cost.

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    Hi valdis34, can I ask you a couple of questions on the material suppliers?

    Where are you getting your aluminium slotted profile from?

    It says 'tooling' on the quote for plates, are they machining them to your drawings ie holes faces etc ?

    Many thanks

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    Hi. There are quite a lot of companies here in UK which are doing extrusions. Did not buy them yet, but probably it will be company called Alprofil.

    No, i will get all those pieces from the quote only cut to size, and will drill them myself. Aswell I will need some plates to be machined.

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    Those Aluminium prices seem high, but I guess I'm used to prices from my local supplier Taybroh Alloys in Eastington, Gloucestershire...might be worth giving them a ring to see if they will send to you?

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    Yeah anything thats helps to reduce the price.. Found local machinist guy, so he will give me a quote for them in a next few days. Want to finally actualy start building it!

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    Did someone bought linear parts from aliexpres sellers the jason august store, huijuan mei or transmission cnc? They are quoting a bit cheper..

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    Hi Valdis
    You must have got the same email as i did this morning, @ least the seller is quoting genuine Hiwin. A lot of the sellers will show Hiwin in there add but if you check the description it says picture is just for general information and the supplied item will prevail so chances are they won't be Hiwin.

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    Which spindle bracket is better? Thinking if they will have the same strenght?

    This one:

    or this one

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    Should be the same I think.

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