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    Hi guys,

    first just a photo of the new enclosure in progress:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry I haven't prepared a diagram of my setup but just a quick explanation: main power comes through to disconnect switch and then a simple volt amp meter, then to single pole circuit breaker and then to distribution terminal (black wire is live, blue is neutral and yellow/green is ground)

    from there connects are made to two 24v power supplies and again 2 more distribution blocks for the 24v lines, and the other power supply only for CSMIO main power.

    after that output 0 of CSMIO connects to the PNOZ safety relay which activates the AC contactor to turn on the big power supply at the top left.

    it all works fine except I'm noticing the contactor gets hot quickly and not sure if that is ok or not.

    its pole voltage is rated 24VAC, and I'm turning it on by 24VDC, I assumed its ok based on some quick reading but now I dont know.

    last read temperature of contactor reached 50C . if it is not suitable or because its cheap quality can you please recommend a good one? to turn on by 24VDC and drive to contactors (one for motors drivers and one for spindle VFD)

    this is the one I purchased

    although I'm confident in what I'm doing I'd love some tips and guidance on anything related.

    thank you!

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    You have diagnosed this yourself the contactor will get hot if you run the coil on DC as it is has an AC coil in it. The DC coil will have a higher resistance. So you will have to change it.

    Looking good though. Not sure you need two 24V power supplies.

    It would be nice to have different colour cables for the DC side of things than the 240V AC stuff.
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    Simple Change the Contactor to DC type.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    Looking good though. Not sure you need two 24V power supplies.
    Clive the way the Cslabs units works to keep complete isolation the manual advises using separate power supply for I/O. SO that's probably why.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Simple Change the Contactor to DC type.

    Clive the way the Cslabs units works to keep complete isolation the manual advises using separate power supply for I/O. SO that's probably why.?
    Ok Dean thanks as they say RTFM

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    Thank you kindly Clive, and Jazz for confirming I'm not an idiot for that setup lol

    next issue is connection of safety relay and CSMIO e-stop and HV enable. to anyone familiar with the CSMIO maybe they shed a light on this, I would highly prefer to use the HV_Enable option to start up the contactor and power on the machine. I do this at the moment and is working nicely (aside from contactor issue above) but doing it like this at the moment:

    HV Enable -> Safety Relay -> Contactor

    safety relay is configured with E-Stop and in the future also with reset button

    this works fine but I would also like to have input to the CSMIO that E-Stop was pressed (or generally safety relay disconnected) but with my current setup I can't do that because the HV enable depends on E-Stop input so it's like a racing condition and within milliseconds HV enable turns on and off immediatly due to E-Stop input not up in time ( and never would be of course ) . I feel stupid for trying this.

    so is there a possible solution to have both HV_enable and E-stop, controlled by same physical E-Stop button? should I just remove safety relay from HV enable and rely on CSMIO to control the power output of the Spindle and motors? my thought process was in case CSMIO fails to detect E-Stop atleast I have a direct control of power to the main parts of the machine, is this unnecessary?

    also note I prefer to use HV enable and will work around that being enabled instead of turning it off.


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    Ok well you can only have one or the other control the Contactor other wise you defeat the point of HVEnable. The point of HV is speed so no point having the Safety relay tell Controller E-stop happened then HV shut down contactor because it's actually longer.

    So the Answer is you control Both directly with E-stop using two contacts on the E-stop.
    One Contact controls the Master safety Relay which you then use for System Reset and any other things you want to Kill power to like, Vacuum, Coolant etc etc.
    Then have the other contact control the E-stop INPUT which then Controls HV OUTPUT and Contactor which turns on Main Drives PSU.

    This way you still have Safety Relay in charge of Reset system but with the faster HV in charge of the Drives power. The HV will only turn them ON when Mach is Reset. The system Reset will only turn on Safety Relay when E-stop is clear so the System will re-set and at same time E-stop Input on controller is clear so HV is safe to turn On when Mach is Reset.

    Hope this makes sense.!!

    Edit: If you want double safety run the HV Output wire thru the Safety relay Contact before going to Contactor. This way if Safety relay fails the PSU will lose power.
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    Well I won't lie I had to read this 5 times hehehe and still not sure I understand 100% but I got the main idea of two contacts coming out of the E-stop and where you're going.

    let me get the chance to try it out and I'll probably post a photo of the setup to verify

    as always thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge Mr. Dean!

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    as always thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge Mr. Dean!
    You mean Mr. Bean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    You mean Mr. Bean
    That's bit rich coming from Shrek. .

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    ops forgot one complication, VFD fault line and drives.

    for drives I guess CSMIO supports them independent of estop input. but how can I fit the VFD fault signal into the above setup? if I keep the E-Stop input as active high then again same issue of cycle between HV and EStop since the fault line of VFD will power up after HV is enabled only.

    instead if I use active low setup and normally open connection of the VFD and E-Stop button and all, that would solve it I guess but is that acceptable risk? to have no signal as an indication of things are ok at E-Stop input?

    the reason I want this is because I think its important that if VFD/spindle runs into trouble the drives stop also. it happend to me once with overcurrent error and luckily I was just using MDI so I would like to use the safety features of the VFD.


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