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    Is there a recommended tubing to use?
    I need to extend the tubing already supplied with the spindle and I currently have 2 types of 10mm tubing that I could use..
    I have some braided PVC hose.. like this stuff.. (ID10mm OD about 14mm)
    It says food grade so presumably meets the standard needed for my needs? It doesn't say anything about plasticizing.. not sure if that could be a problem...

    Or I have some more water cooling PC type tubing.. 10mm/16mm
    This doesn't say anything about food safe.. but it does state that it uses polymer additives that doesn't leach plasticizers..

    Would either of these tubes be ok to use?

    Is there a preference? (I'd prefer to use the first type as it's in my hands currently whereas I'd have to wait a few days for the second...)

    Any assistance greatly appreciated!

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    Any tube will do is my understanding.


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    Any pipe will do but are you sure the connectors are 10mm.? This seems little on large side for these spindles.

    Personaly I remove these and fit Air line pushlock connectors and use 6mm air pipe.

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    Great.. thanks guys.. I've put in the tube I have here..

    Yes the spindle tubing on there at the moment is smaller in diameter, but as it's not long enough and I want to bring it to a computer radiator anyway, I thought I'd couple it on to a larger diameter tube.

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    Hi Guys,

    This thread reminded me that when I tried to fit the water pipe I could not get the collar to engage with the thread to clamp down the pipe. I put the problem to one side, to sort it out when I installed the spindle. Deans remark about changing the connectors to air hose ones made me think I might be able to use the push fit connectors as on the right of the picture. but the thread to the spindle body is not 1/8 NPT as it has an outside diameter of 7.5mm. Anybody got any suggestions as to what it might be ?



    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you can measure the TPI (threads per inch) of the thread it will make identification much easier - google a few thread charts such as :

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    Can tell you exactly what it is. . . . . M8 x 1mm Fine thread.

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    Spot on mate, I just went to the workshop and checked it with a M8 x 1.00 die. Well at least I can make some adapters, if I can't buy them.



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    If anyone is looking for the fitting Jazz is recommending here's a link to some on ebay:

    High Pressure Metal Push-in Fittings for Air or Central Lubrication Systems Tube

    Look a bit posh and a bit pricey at 3.50 a pop, not sure if Dean has a better price?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Look a bit posh and a bit pricey at 3.50 a pop, not sure if Dean has a better price?
    The link I gave is cheaper http://airaccessories.fluidfittingss...49000a00050001

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