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    EDIT: This item has now been made by CorkCNC (Forum user Noel). Very please with the results and price, so would recommend his services.


    This project is an aluminium collar for a spindle. The spindle has a diameter of 55mm, and my spindle mounting bracket takes a 69mm diameter spindle. So this would be an aluminium collar that sits around the spindle, effectively increasing its diameter to 69mm.

    The collar is in two halves, which will be held securely around the spindle by the surrounding mounting bracket. Because of this, no screwholes need drilling or tapping.

    The total diameter of the collar is 80mm, and it would be 40mm tall.

    I have designed the collar in Autodesk Fusion 360. I have attached a dwg file to this post, but I can also provide the file in other formats (iges, step, etc.).
    I *think* you can see the design by clicking on this link: http://a360.co/1ZOkygp (not sure if that's public?)

    I would appreciate quotes from anyone interested in making this, and please let me know if you require any further information.

    Spindle Collar v2.dwg
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