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    I put my hand up - confused minutes and seconds. Never was very good at time-keeping...

    What also made me wonder, though, is that when I'm sitting watching the wheels go round on the printer, it doesn't seem that fast and I think Clive is right - acceleration is very important as 3D printed components are generally fiddly little things and the extruder is changing direction a lot. I found the same effect doing some fairly fine engraving with the router - I traded acceleration for speed in the settings and the overall cut time reduced significantly. As far as the OP's question is concerned, I think that that is going to raise some interesting design trade-offs with regards to things like pitch of leadscrew/ballscrew.

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    Acceleration for 3D printing seems to be the keyword, which is one of the reasons 3D XYZ mechanisms are light and nimble. You don't need the power to push a cutter through a material, you are just squirting out plastic, icing sugar, chocolate or whatever. I just think that a hybrid machine would be the ugly son of widely different parents.

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    its looking like its going to be just a decent DIY CNC which il try and adapt for some 3d printing. I'l see how i get on :)

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