1. 24V, 1.5A TA8435 based - is this worth looking at? I need a 3-axis cheap driver quickly...


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    Item Location : China
    Seller Location: United Kingdom

    John S -

  3. Will be ok for small 23 fram or 17 frame motors, but i cant comment on the quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    Will be ok for small 23 fram or 17 frame motors, but i cant comment on the quality.
    Yeaaaaa you can, cmon dont be shy !

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    Same board, 48.50 to your door here...


    Quite a timely post you made...I now need another driver board for "The McSpank Coil winder MKII" (using two steppers vs one stepper + DC cooling fan!) I've just managed to debug a 'half finished' (& only part working) Mach3 coil winder screenset, which seems to suit my needs perfectly...

    As it goes, I only need two axis, therefore I can cut the driver board in half & sell you the other two!!! :heehee:

    BTW: What is that 'marketplace' where you found this driver board originally? (I've never come across it before & used to think I was internet savvy!)
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