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    Doing great work Washout but let your machine and cutters have there head. This killing me It's like watching a thoroughbred horse being used for Donkey on beach.!! . . . It's cruelty to Machines.

    Turn up the feeds watch your cycle times drop, tool ife increase and finish get better.!
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    Thanks Steve for the kind words.

    Lol Dean - eloquently put sir and point taken :) I must knuckle down at some point and try some deeper/faster test cuts in aluminium and find out where my limits are for adaptive clearing - I have a couple of projects coming up this year that will need them e.g. rudder pedals for the gaming cockpit for one.

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    Washout, your welcome. I will look forward to more great videos I like that you use Fushion 360 and that you don't skip through what you do at 100mph. That is handy for me as I am keen on learning Fushion. I can see you put a lot of effort into the videos. I just have to find the time to get going learning Fushion and starting my build!

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    Part 9 is up with some "mild" CNC work to make a profile sanding block and then some manual labour:

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    More Torture to tooling.!! . . . . . . . I'm going to report you to RSPT. . . . Your running HSS feeds & speeds with Carbide tooling. It's criminal and Silly because your causing excess wear and lesser finish quality.!! . . .. Stop being a Pussy and turn up the wick.

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    Apologies Jazz, I knew I should have put a "Parental Guidance - Explicit Tickling CNC Content Contained" - you know for those of a more sensitive nature ;)

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    Hi all

    No CNC in this video (that comes in the next video), but thought you might like to see where the necks have got to:

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    Hi all,

    A couple of videos in the guitar series this week - the first not many people on here will want to view as its setting the machine up for machining, zeroing etc.

    This one shows the actual machining (including a scary tool with a 50mm stick out):

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    Nice work. At first I thought the adaptive clearing was a bit of a waste on the finish pass as it seemed at first to dance around choosing which pocket to do bits of. But then it made up for that with nice moves when plunging to the next pass - it pulled away from the surface when lowering and then swept into the machining op.

    Is that pull away when jogging down part of adaptive clearance or is that another CAM strategy? I only using Cut2D and it stays on the surface when jogging down (well ramping actually). I like your CAM better . . .
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    The adaptive toolpaths were all roughing - I think the one you meant was the neck pocket and the "gutter" that went all the way down? (the first of the 50mm stick out). For some reason I had to do that operation or the partial cut outs at the end would run around that pocket and go 30mm down (i.e. chop out the bit the neck sits on) - hope that made sense.

    The "pull aways" on the finishing passes (contour passes in Fusion 360) if they are the moves you refer to, are the lead in and lead out that Fusion puts in by default on 2D contour operations and when cleaning up pocket walls work great.

    They are not so good on slots though or when Fusion ignores stock which it shouldn't, although in wood you get away with it - you can see them on the partial cut out slots at the end of the video where the tool plunges and then goes to the edge of the model (would end up in damage in aluminium). There is also a ramping option, which I think I missed off of those cut outs, which I should put in. I haven't quite got the hang of the ramping settings yet and sometimes get warnings or the ramp is way too long - need to experiment more.

    In my opinion and whilst I used Cut2D and 3D until I jumped ship, Fusion 360 is so much more powerful and more suited to the work I do (especially the aluminium). It does however have a massive amount of options and is like running through a pre-flight checklist for an F16 (Fusion) as opposed to a Cessna (Vectric)... ;-)

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