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    Who sets the feed rate for the adaptive step over you or the software.? If it's you then your too slow I cut aluminium faster than that and with deeper DOC.

    I've just cut motor mount pocket in 6082 aluminium with 8mm cutter at 11mm DOC with i-machining which is pretty much same as adaptive stepper over and feedrate was 2217mm/min with Max step over of 1.7mm and that was only on level 3 out of 8 so being nice and easy on machine. Even level 1 was 1335mm/min.?

    In wood I'd expect to be cutting 3x that speed at least.!
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    Hi Dean

    Yeah it was too slow - I think I said so at the end of the first toolpath.

    My current workflow with adaptive is to spin up the feeds and speeds in GWizard and then transfer these to Fusion 360. I think what I forgot to do there was tick the HSM check box in GWizard, so it was slower than it should have been. I'll tweak it for the next body (I'm making two guitars, so have a second to do) and use a bit of blown air as my vacuum is a bit asthmatic currently (need a decent shop vac).

    FYI - You can manually set a value for "optimal stepover", which is where Fusion tries to get to for the majority of each cutting pass, but ramps sideways into that stepover as part of the "curve". The "optimal" stepover unless you override it is set at 40% of the cutter diameter as a default value e.g. 3.2mm for an 8mm end mill.

    Its maybe not as refined as i-Machining, as how aggressive is largely governed by what you get out of GWizard (or equivalent) and I haven't found a way of getting Fusion to optimise stepover or feeds based on a slider like i-machining has (wish it could though).

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    Just a quick video this morning (badly shot), of the adaptive toolpath on the guitar body being re-run using the HSM setting from GWizard (setting 2 of 4):

    Settings were: 8mm 1Fl End Mill - 10mm DoC - 22,558 Spindle - 2,945 mm/min Feed Rate - 3.2mm Step-over (optimal)

    The Feeds and Speeds are somewhat similar to Jazz's in the post above and ran very nicely, hence me grabbing the camera hastily. I think I could have gone for the setting higher and may do that at some point in a block of scrap.
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    Looks very happy cutting at those speeds!


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    Much better your cuttters and machine will thank you for it as well. Bet the Finish is smoother as well.?

    One other thing I noticed and not sure if you have control over this or not but will save lot of time is the fact the tool is retracting above surface every time arc ends and tool returns to start while in the pocket. No need for this it's just wasting time and wearing ballscrew away, just retract 0.5. Strange thou because I can see it does this while cleaning corners out but on the large sweep cuts it retracts Z every time.?

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    Hi Dean,

    Yes the finish is smoother.

    Regarding the Z retracts - I'm not sure why Fusion 360 does this by default for the "sweeps" above 30mm, but there is "keep down" setting you can specify a maximum length for. I'm guessing this is Fusion's way of preserving the end mill's bottom cutting edge(s)?

    I'll see if there's a setting for how far it retracts, but one method I know would work, may also risk rapids into uncut stock (a setting in the job height tab). More playing to be done here.

    One area Fusion does lack somewhat in is the tool library, as I don't think there is a Feeds & Speeds calculator included (may have missed it). I see on the Fusion forums/patch notes however that this area is getting an overhaul soon, so fingers crossed there.

    Whilst I trust in GWizard these days (since they included parameters for customising a generic router to your machine), its a pain to have to deal with a bunch of settings in one package and then transfer those (partially) to Fusion. Its too easy to miss something (e.g. HSM tick box in GWizard)

    Especially as Fusion 360 looks to have most of the variables in its tool library, but they don't auto adjust when you change them e.g. change the setpover and watch F & S change to match.

    BTW - thanks for the critiques - it really helps me up the learning curve and hopefully others.

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    Hi all.

    The saga continues in this video, but no CNC this time - just doing the stuff the machine couldn't...

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    Hi All,

    Been a little while, but some more progress at last:

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    Another excellent and informative video. I doubt it bothers you in the least, but I can't understand how you're not getting more views on this series of vids..!

    Keep making 'em - I'll gladly watch more..!


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    I am watching
    saw some guitar neck jig on website but for the life of me don't know how it works.
    I thought(know nothing about guitars) the headset(or whatever it's called) was tied into the guitar body with a steel rod and this prevented the string tension from bending the neck, and i have heard nut mentioned.
    Videos are GR8

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