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    Slotting is about the worst cut you can do, especially in Aluminum. The best cutters I use for that are 1 flutes 3mm, they are almost impossible to gum up, because there are so much space for the chip to go.

    Using two or more flutes require the cutting flutes to be really wet in order to prevent gummy aluminum chips to stick to the bit. This is the case for my 6040 anyway.

    To answer your question, I have found feed and speed calculator to work pretty well. I tried Gwizard, and the calculations put me right into the ballpark when I selected the second least aggressive cut. (You can select between aggressive roughing, roughing, finish or fine finish)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufe0 View Post

    That video puts in mind something very interesting actually. Something that I had forgotten about.

    The spindle power.

    It seems that the zero divides FSwizard does not account for reduced spindle power. Was looking at doing some facemilling with a 50mm and he was giving me spindle power requirements of 16HP! My poor KRV only has 3

    GWizard did have the power tweek but my subscription ran out and I am not quite ready to renew.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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