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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I've been resisting the temptation to buy one of these for a while:

    Perhaps I should stop resisting....

    what can this really heat ? Can it melt a coin or a gold ring? And would you translate the Changlish in the description to me? I have 15v 40A lab PSu that i used for anodizing. Will that work with it?
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    Thanks for the replies people. Annealing the ends worked great. Thank you!

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    use map gas, it will be much quicker that using your mums stove to heat it up lol.
    It needs to get cherry red to make any difference.
    a tool post grinder will be a lot better and you can get much higher tolerances than normal turning, and a much better Finnish as well.
    However, even if you use a tool post grinder you may still need to anneal the screw because where you turn the thread into the screw may still be in the hard or just on the edge where it goes soft, and this can be a bugger to put a thread for the locking nut if it is not totally soft.

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    Yeah I used mapp and it was a breeze.

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    For future reference you can buy hard turning inserts made from CBN that will even turn HSS without annealing. Your lathe needs to be pretty rigid though.

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    Andrew Mawson as in Baron Mawson?
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by komatias View Post
    Andrew Mawson as in Baron Mawson?
    I've told him before to stop imitating me

    We have had email confusions in the past and have corresponded, but no, I'm not a 'social entrepreneur' whatever that is, but then nor did I get the Honour

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