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    So are thinking to do away with the Geneva wheel.? If so then I'd re-think it because with such large diameter disc and lot of weight then stepper may struggle to hold position good enough, esp with higher rotating speed with more weight. You'll certainly need fair ratio on it.!

    yes I want rid of the Geneva wheel.the current disc is mounted via bearings and once in bits the ally disk that holds the tools is very free flowing in the green cast iron arm.I don't want it to run at high speed, but a bit fast then the current setup which is painfully slow. ill give it a go and see how it works, if it becomes a problem ill have to redesign
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyan Silyavski View Post
    What i wanted to say was that a stepper with a gear could do the job.
    Yes I know that but it's needs a High Ratio and decent sized stepper to handle the inertia of large diamter wheel fully loaded with tools and they do struggle if run fast resulting in overshooting. Which actually slows tool changing or If toolholder isn't perfectly lined up they rub and wear spindle/Pullstud resulting in dropped tools.!!

    Geneva while still needs gearbox or ratio it does index perfctly and is more reliable. That's why they are used in ATC.!!
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