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    Sorry my other post is in the wrong section

    I'm looking to sell my denford starmill ATC.

    purchased this machine about 2 years ago on ebay and have never got round to doing anything with it, all my time and money has been spent on my triac.

    its in excellent condition, I have cleaned the whole machine, all that came out of the machine was plastic chips. so I suspect its never cut anything other than plastic. ive repainted a lot of the machine with the correct green denford paint, the machine is an excellent example.

    this is the latest of the starmill models, fully enclosed.

    has a 3 station automatic tool changer, interesting the tool changer doesn't work with denfords software, there is a thread about it on the denford forum. I do have dongles and bits for the denford software which all work. but the machine is screaming out for a mach conversion.

    table is in perfect condition with not rush or holes.

    takes bt30 tooling

    I paid 1500 for the machine so would like to sell the machine for the same.
    machine only no tools of vice

    I'm located in Essex for collection

    if theres no interest it will go on ebay

    video of machine running

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    open to sensible offers

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