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    long shot, but thought id ask here prior to being bent over at an engineering firm

    Im after, a bit of stainless, ideally hollow tube 60-70mm diameter, maybe 15-30cm in length with a bore about 30mm however I have a big old lathe to make the best of what I can get
    alternatively, just a bit of bar stock i can machine to the above dimensions

    can anybody hook me up? ive waited patiently looking on ebay for a number of weeks, cant think of any other option than to knock on the door of my local engineering firm?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi Matt,
    Can't help with material supply but this may help you source something suitable if you go door knocking. Approaching a stockist for a bar end or off-cut may work too.

    Stainless at this size is usually bar - I've not seen it hollow. And usually it is still Inch sizes 2" - 2 1/2" - 3".

    Unless you're submerging the item in sea water then '303' will be good enough - 303S31 to be exact. It's the common free machining stainless steel. It should be austenitic which means it doesn't harden by heat treatment, and is usually non-magnetic. If you knock on a tool room door then take a magnet with you. Slight magnetism can occur from the inclusion of cobalt in some manufacturers supply. Use a piece of carbon steel as a reference. Off-cuts usually are missing identification paint or codes.

    Possible sources.

    BTW Sulphur makes it free machining, but sulphur inclusions or sulphur strings can make it crack - if it does there's no way back. I've seen that half a dozen times in fifteen years but then we machined several hundred tonnes per year.

    Good luck

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    Did you get sorted PM me, I have a 75mm dia x 75mm long solid piece spare.


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    These guys are good for small quantities
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