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    Man... I really need to leave the wife and quit the job - then maybe I can finish something!
    I did all that. This is what happens.???

    # Your workshop extends into the house because it's warmer.
    # Your Dining room table becomes main work bench because it's the largest area you never use anymore.
    # Coffee table in lounge becomes electrical station because you can watch TV while doing boring stuff.
    # Kitchen sides become layout and measuring station because they are nice long & flat.
    # Spare rooms mean more space for more projects
    # One less vehicle in yard and no cutting grass anymore means space for Large projects.

    So end result is No wife / No job = More projects = less time = less money = more leg over.!!!! . . . . . BRILLIANT DO IT.!!!!

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    So whats the first thing? Quit tha job, then wife will leave herself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by toomast View Post
    So whats the first thing? Quit tha job, then wife will leave herself...

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    No need the Job to pay the wife off or hire a Hit man to take her out. .

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    I thought retirement would give me the time I wanted to 'play' in my workshop. I was sadly deluded.



    I thought those parker digiplans were just cupboard junk, but I looked at the prices asked on eBay. If I sold them at those prices I would get a 2,000% return on outlay. I have got 3 PK2's and a PK3, I would never have rated them at 1,600 worth.
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