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    She then made a complaint with the personal manager (Mum).

    Looks like i'v now got a meeting to goto !
    Oh that brings back memories... kids with paint brushes... she's cute, fortunately my lot are all grown up now (but they still get into scrapes)...

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    Well she is 1 of 4 and i keep being told that i am good at making things; kids included so it seems. 10 minutes after taking the photos it rained and has not stopped, so no more work on the project till the weekend now :cry:
    Still trying to work out the specifics for attaching the nuts to the zoidial whilst incorporating backlash dampening. The idea i have at the moment is to use the old faithful chopping board melted into a mold around the screw but attached to the nut.

    Tip here - cut it up into chips, use a metal mold and heat that with a paint stripping gun and not the plastic, it melts wonderfully

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    She cant do anything wrong in my Eye's, tonight she pulled up a chair next to me and watched me Nipping a flat on a ballnut with a bench grinder:

    "Look daddy, fire!"

    "Yes baby, now put these glass's on so you dont hurt your eyes." i cant wait to what she starts designing/making.

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    Careful what you show them. My eldest when she was 3 thought that putting a screwdriver into a socket was helping me fix the blown bulb. She went and got the screwdriver on her own, god knows where from??????? all i can say thank heavens for insulated drivers

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    Well i made back out into the garage this weekend and was very please with the work. Got some paint on, x axis done, y axis done and i started the z.. Will probably do some more during the week.
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    I nearly painted it British racing green only because i has some paint in the garage but decided to splash out. Shame its all scratched to buggery already.

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    Right i am really hacked off...:evil: only had a bit of time today to get on with build. The Z axis is causing me the most grief. Tried a couple of different things this week with the plan on completing it today. All i have done is gone back to square 1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! does everybody get to this point in the same mood???? I suppose this is what happens when you don't do it from a plan:nope:

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    I'm sure we have at some point, if you would like to elaborate some more im sure we can help :)

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    Hi Lee.....Not so much as a problem just lack of material and not to mention this would be an ideal time to have another cnc machine to cut you parts if you know what i mean
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    oo late for some pics tonight.....I was aiming for the slide to be no wider than 110mm, i have 16mm rail on the same type bearings i used for the rest. the main problem is using 4mm ali sheet (bad idea). These imported bearings are spot on except the mounting holes. I was also trying to use the same type of rail supports i used for the Y. im thinking now finish it of in MDF and make the parts afterwards when i can get me hands on some more material. Does that sound more sensible???
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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