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    Don't panic...this isn't spam, just a bit of a light hearted post on an otherwise quiet Sunday.

    So I'm listening to the car radio today ...& they're going on about those 250,00 20p pieces with the date missing.

    The Royal mint are offering 50, per coin to retund them, but collectors are already paying up to 500 for them on Ebay

    The DJ said why not just scratch the date off.

    Hmmm....I have a better idea...mill the date off then polish it, so it looks brand new!

    (it's a joke ok....but it might be fun to try if your machine is up to it - ...alas, mine isn't - just to frame it & put it on the wall & fool people when they come round!)

    So go on...someone do it & post the results here :twisted:

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    I think* its ilegal to mod money in anyway ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    I think* its ilegal to mod money in anyway ?
    Not at all Lee, I modified a 20 note into a case of Stella on Saturday (easy mod). My wife is a world expert on currency modification.

    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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