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    Hello all,

    I want to try to sharpen my carbide tools and I was looking on ebay for the Chinese resin bond diamond grinding wheels. But there are a lot of grit sizes from 150 up to 3000. Now I'm not sure what grit should I get and try first. Maybe I could start with two or three different grit wheels.

    Anyone of you has any experience with these Chinese grinding wheels? And point me what grit should I start with?

    I want to try first to sharpen some woodworking router bits and a saw blade.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    Not done endmill but this is how I do my carbide scraper blades:

    Start with the 150 to get the shape, go to 300 to refine and then lap using diamond past on an aluminium wheel.

    You will be taking very little of the actual carbide off so it may not be suitable if you have chipped or broken bits.
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    thanks komatias!

    then I will start with grit 150 and 400 wheels. Probably more than 400 will make no difference on my cheap carbide bits...

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    Hi all, just was browsing Some forums to see If there were more tools and machine forums since tapatalk doesnt see My trustworty hobby-machine forum anymore. So new here but long time tool geek.
    To get to your grinding question I use som cheap Chinese aluminium with industrial diamond later on it and that Works fine. Next to that creusen with green stone for those hard bits. Both options are Great. The stone I use for when they chipped and in 180 grit
    And both diamond grinders are 180 and 260 grit. Both I am happy with but only for the hard metals like the tips. Hss should use white grinding stone. The green one wil not work Great and it needs more rework.
    After grinding I always use wetstone to make the last sharping edge.
    Hop this Will help you.
    Grts Ted.

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    In My experience one should not use more than 100 grit difference between next step in sharpening.
    So 180 should be followed by 160, then 230 then 320 and then 400. Accordingly thats perfect and iDeal situation.

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    180 should be 80 typo error

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