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    Hi Andrew,

    Managed to get back to the bridgeport today, i rang heidenhain for pinouts so cable is sorted. TNC server and controller coming up with no errors, however i can only send a programme to the laptop from the controller! Which is the opposite of what im trying to do. Whenever i try to send the opposite way, TNC server just says "receiving file" for a couple of seconds then goes back to doing nothing.

    Any ideas?



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    The format is crucial. I seem to remember that it has to start with CR/LF then the file name etc, but it's all described in the link I gave you. (As were the pin outs !!!!) Check what mode you are in by pressing the MOD key as per the manual - is it FE mode - I can't remember it's been a long time!

    Does your TNC145 allow you to do a Directory list of available programs off the PC, and if so is the one you want showing?

    .... hang on ... TNC Server says 'receiving file' ..... it should be SENDING a file - something wrong there how are you intigating the transfer - it should be done on the buttons on the TNC

    In edit mode, press 'Program Number' then EXT and on the menu displayed select 'receive selected program' - press the number corresponding to the program and Enter and it should come whizzing in and show on th PC screen TNCServer panel as it does if you have the 'detail' option pressed.

    Got your baud rates set the same both ends and iirc TNC145 can only do 1200 baud ??
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    Sending sorted, i didnt realise i had to be in programming editing mode on the control to send a file from the control. Now what should be the final problem -- the post processor (its a mile off).

    The one im using i got off the autodesk forum, its for a 151 control and it misses the feed and M function which needs to be on every line.

    Why cant everything just be simple?



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