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    I have a 2.2kW water-cooled spindle + Huanyang VFD. Everything is setup and works fine when using the VFD front panel. Now I connected the VFD to my BOB in order to control it with Mach3, using this wiring diagram (which is correct, by the way ^^):
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    I also changed the following settings:
    PD001 = 1
    PD002 = 1
    PD070 = 1 (My VFD had it factory set to 0, thought the manual says that factory setting is 1... but oh well. This setting just tells the VFD that my BOB sends 0-10V and not 0-5V).

    In Mach3, I activated the spindle and set it as shown in my now-famous-BOB's doc.

    Works fine for controlling RUN/STOP from Mach3, but I can't control the spindle speed. Even stranger, the RUN/STOP buttons of the front panel are correctly disabled, but not the potentiometer. Therefore, I can still control the VFD frequency with the front VFD front panel's potentiometer. When I do so, the only, the VFD now allows me to press the STOP button, and then Mach3 loses track of the RUN/STOP state of the VFD.

    I checked with a voltmeter the VFD input and my BOB sends the correct voltage for the speed I set in Mach3 (i.e with 3200RMP in Mach3, the BOB sends about (3200/24000)*10 = 1.3V, 5000RPM in Mach3 sends about 2V, 12000RMP gets 5V, etc). So, apparently, Mach3 is correctly set, and the BOB sends the right voltage. I checked the VFD manual and the way I wired the BOB is correct.

    Remember, PD002 is set to 1, so the VFD should not let me use the frequency potentiometer on its front panel.

    Thanks for your help.

    All the best,

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    :'( nobody have had this issue :( ?

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    This is from a post I wrote some time ago. (There is a jumper next to the large connecter strip on the right hand side (marked V1/VR) by default this is set to V1 it needs setting to VR so that the pot will function.)

    Have you checked that out

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    Try removing the POT. The VFD doesn't know the difference between them and will be ignoring the 0-10V signal.

    Also I'd set pd70 back to =0

    Edit: Clive just hit the nail on the Head. This will be the problem.
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    It doesn't help that there is an error in the text regarding the jumper setting (well there is in my manual) and the online manual don't mention it at all.

    So J1 to pins 1-2 !


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    Yep, that was it ! Jumper on the right of the terminal... that was not mentioned in the manual.. --'

    Fixed :) Now let's move on to the next problems ! EMI problems yay !! I'll start another thread :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by eurikain View Post
    Yep, that was it ! Jumper on the right of the terminal... that was not mentioned in the manual.. --'

    Fixed :) Now let's move on to the next problems ! EMI problems yay !! I'll start another thread :)
    Glad you got it working

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    You're the man Clive !

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