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    Hi Guys,

    In advance of receiving a new Zero3 controller to replace my damaged Zero2 on my S1000-T, I have been trying to figure out how to connect my new Huanyung VFD spindle to it. According to the literature it is compatible and I have spoken to Heiz, but I just don't understand what they mean and I'm feeling rather stupid .

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    I know I need to connect FOR to DCM on the VFD and also that I need to feed 0-10V between VI and ACM, but I'm unsure which ports & pins these are and what common grounds to use. It's the LPT2 & 0-10V ports that are doing it for me. Heiz tell me that I connect the VFD to both?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Its very simple.

    First- you dont connect the VFD 0-10vdc input to the LPT port.

    You connect it via separate cable to the breakout board of the machine which has to have dedicated output for spindle speed control with a trimmer to adjust voltage. if board is good, that would need a separate small 12vdc 0.2A transformer to be connected to board.

    On the VFd side typically VI is +, so are you sure about that schematics? Typically on any VFD i have seen VI is + and from diagram ACM must be the common, so double check that. Read manual cause may be depends if you have changed somewhere parameter "sinking" and "sourcing" and that changes. Depending on what region is set the VFD i mean that could change and be oposite, so take care and set it for EU. Cause maybe line HZ and voltage input is also not set right.

    So question is:

    what breakout board you have on your machine. In breakout board manual it is clearly stated how to connect to VFD.

    If the breakout board lacks 0-10VDC output for spindle, then you will need a separate small board to do that. I will tell you from where and model, if thats the case.
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    Thank you Boyan,

    The controller is a complete unit so it incorporates the breakout board as such, LPT1 input. I know that they have added an analogue 0-10V output for the VFD somewhere in the other 2 ports (LPT2 & 0-10V) but I don't understand what to connect. To me it looked like LPT2 is for a second command cable from the PC, but then there are no pin diagrams for the 0-10V port. Heiz have told me to 'connect the Inverter to the Port 0-10V and to the LPT2 port'. Am I just being stupid?

    The VI is a +ve voltage okay and I have the VFD running on it's own by jumping FOR & DCM and a 10k pot on ACM, VI & +10V. It's just the control from the controller that's causing me a headache.

    Many thanks,


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    I read again what they say. So it seems from LPT2 pin 18 is the +10VDC, but you have to ask them again , where to take the - from.

    That can not be right the breakout board and spindle control to have same common ground and power supply. But maybe they made it like that.

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    Thanks Boyan,

    That was my worry. They are two separate units and don't have a common ground. Added to that one is a digital common ground for the start forward and one is an analogue ground for speed, so different I presume?

    I haven't received the CNC controller yet so I can't probe any ports at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out what the lower 25 pin 0-10V port is for


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    Quote Originally Posted by artmin View Post
    That was my worry. They are two separate units and don't have a common ground. Added to that one is a digital common ground for the start forward and one is an analogue ground for speed, so different I presume?


    Hey, i missed that. They must not have a common ground or connections to current from other circuits. They must be isolated. I speak for the 0-10VDC. Not for the ground of the box and the VFD ground. Thats why usually they are on separate PSU, the spindle speed control i mean. Assuming that they have that integrated, you only need to know wher to take + and - from. Nothing more.

    In fact you must measure with multimeter to check continuity between spindle control - / 0-10VDC/ and VFD - input/ for the speed control/. There must be none.

    Start forward on spindle, typically is implemented on VFD by closing a contact. usually the VFD provides the 24VDC and from breakout board side just a relay has to be closed, then the VFD knows to start. Once the relay is off, the VFD stops the motor. Look at the picture of your VFD schematics and you will see it. Anything different from that would be very strange.
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    Thanks Boyan,

    You have answered the question whether I can join the digital & analogue earths within the VFD. I tested for continuity between them and they are certainly separate.

    I hope to receive the new controller this week, but with the backlog of work I'm not going to have time to play with it, so I'll run it with the old Kress spindle in the meantime. As soon as I get a moment I'll probe the ports and see what I am getting from them. I was thinking that to get the speed control that I could maybe use pins 18 & 19 and connect those to VI & ACM of the VFD, but maybe that's mixing grounds between different machines again. If I'm stuck, to switch the spindle on & off, I can use the 240V spindle output to power a relay to operate contact between FOR & DCM and I have a 10k pot to operate the speed.

    I'll update this as soon as I get any further.

    Thank you,


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    To me its definitely best to control spindle speed from software not pot. Cause there are certain moments when same tool will need different speeds for different tool paths.

    And so a mistake could not happen if you forget to change speed manually.
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    I have this sorted

    The Heiz controller has been configured for a Mechatron VFD. The manual is not very clear as to the 25pin port functions. The Heiz Zero3 port 'LPT2' connects to a second port on the PC (I am just using the standard printer port for LPT2 and a PCI parallel card for the more important LPT1). The port '0-10V' does then serve to supply the voltage & switching functions.

    To avoid joining the ACM & DCM grounds of the VFD, I have configured for the Huanyung as follows:

    Port 0-10V, pin 14 (constant 3.25V) connected to the 5V coil of a reed relay which is operated through switching (to ground) pin1. The switched terminals of the relay open & close FOR & DCM of the VFD

    Port 0-10V, pin 18 (+ve 0-10V) and pin 25 (ground) then supply the variable voltage to control the spindle speed between VI & ACM of the VFD.

    Configure port input I222 hood - query ready signal cabinet HF spindle LPT2 PIN 12 (for WINPC-NC)

    The Huanyung is then good to go. The only thing wrong at the moment is the spindle speed is running at +30% across the speed range but I will add a trimmer to adjust this.

    Thank you Boyan for saving me from smoking the VFD at the outset


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