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    this is exact model on ali express. add note that it must have braking circuit plus english instructions

    mine arrived in 3 days! was well impressed.
    as explained to charl on the phone- i think this is a very small new business- they are selling cheaper than hy. - electronics look well made etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neale View Post
    I'm interested in this as my lathe currently runs from an inverter from an outfit that took an ABB inverter (380-380) and fiddled with it. This outfit, no longer in business, seem to have put some kind of voltage-doubler circuitry on the input. The inverter is excellent, but the problem is that the input circuitry cannot handle heavier loads and there is too much ripple so that the inverter trips out. It's a 5HP (4KW or so) inverter driving a 3HP motor so that bit is well within its ratings.

    I keep wondering about finding a suitable 240-380V transformer as per m_c's suggestion but these don't come cheap. So the Ecogoo inverters look interesting, but I'm not sure what the performance would be like at 50Hz as I'm running a conventional 50Hz motor. The motor isn't suitable for rewiring for 240V, unfortunately.
    the ecogoo is vector control- so gives great low down torque. - i drill 20mm diameter at 4000 rpm on my 24000 rpm spindle- never once stalled it.
    also- for lathe you can use the 8 step preset speeds if required- so no need for variable control. and most induction motors are good for up to 75 hz with no problems- so you can up the frequency and get more speed at the same lower gearing.
    with vfds running at lower rpm is where the current rises and creates more heat- then you have to force the motor with air cooling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by battwell View Post
    i run a heavy load 380v 4kw hydrovane off one- at 50hz. 3 second start up- coast to stop (doesnt like to try to slow down a hydrovane- as they stop near instant when power comes off . it draws just over 30 amp to start it - but drops to 6.9 running it. - so at 380v 50hz they perform well. at 220v i doubt the motor would start at all .
    every machine in my workshop is industrial- and they all run off seperate vfds .
    if anyone buys the ecogoo 9100 and needs to run modbus- i wrote instructions as they are non existant in the manual!
    I think Ill order one, just checking to see what my bonus was for last year (paid next week, yay). Do you have one spare by any chance that I could buy?

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    i only have my spare here- which i keep for testing - and in case of failure on any of my machines. they didnt take long to arrive

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    Quote Originally Posted by battwell View Post
    i only have my spare here- which i keep for testing - and in case of failure on any of my machines. they didnt take long to arrive
    Ok, thanks.

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    order a braking resistor too 50 ohm 300 watt ( ecogoo stock them around 30)

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