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    Hi all,

    Was just hoping someone had a post for tnc 145, im using inventor hsm 2.5D. Downloaded a few tnc 151 & 155 posts but they all seem to be a mile off and i haven't done any editing before.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I moved from Fusion 360 as sorting post processors for my TNC355 was a BIG headache. I wanted to do 4th axis work but the way the CAM side was written was a nightmare

    I bought CAMBAM - a far simpler product with nothing like the Fusion sophistication, but it worked and altering Post P's was much easier !!!

    Don't forget that post processors are specific to the CAM package you are using
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    I've looked into cambam before, but as far as im aware it only converts to G-code? The TNC 145 can only read "heidenhain language".


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    Ade Vickers modified a post for his TNC151 using conversational code - it's on the CamBam forum - just search for Heidenhain

    Chap here using a TNC145:
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    Finally got it working! used Ade's 151 post processor took quite a lot of modifying to work for the 145 hey ho i now have a cam bam'd name-plate!

    Chuffed to bits.

    The circle was a mistake but it still looks neat. :)

    Thanks for all the help.



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    Good to hear a +ve result !

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    Are you willing to share your TNC 145 postprocessor on the cambam forum ? I would really appreciate it. :)

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    Share it here too !


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    Hiya guys, sorry for the late reply! Im struggling to find the location of the file... i modified it all in CAMBAM?? Also, im not a member of cambam forum but perhaps you could post it over if i post it here steffeb?

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    Thanks! I can post it on the cambam forum. :)

    You find the file i in the "Tools" meny, and then "view program directory" or something like that. I'm at work now, got no access to cambam. It is on the right of the top menu bar anyway, you'll find it! Then it's located in the "post" directory. Had a hard time to get the TNC 151 post running before i found that directory. :)
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