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    looking at stepping owning a cnc machine to cut 10mm dense foam board (foamlite)

    so far the best options seems to be a http://ooznest.co.uk either a 1mx1m to 1m x75cm depending on final costs with the stepper motors from them http://ooznest.co.uk/3D-Printer-Elec...-Stepper-Motor and the controller and drivers from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CNC-3-axis...4AAOSwWKtUxjS3

    comments welcome.

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    Ok well I've got to say this and your probably not going to like it but it's for your own good.!!

    That machine and all those that are built on similair vane using V bearings and belts are IMO waste of money. They are Flimsy poor design.
    Bearings riding direct on soft aluminium profile is just asking for trouble over time.
    Z axis is pathetic design which considering Z axis is THE most important part of the machine isn't very good.

    I could go on but you should get the message by now.
    IMO for 650 or not much more you could build a better machine using profile and proper linear rails.

    The electrics you have linked to are rubbish and wouldn't use them. Electrics are heart of the machine so skiimp here and you'll regret it down the line.

    Sadly there is point when it's worth saying I won't bother and save up to build something better that will last and do much nicer job.?
    These machine fall into that group because they will always be lacking and you'll quickly overtake there capabiltys and it's then you'll realise what I'm trying to say to you now.! By which time you've invested so much money it's not so easy to get out without losing lots of money.

    My advise as always when budget is low or looking at this typw of machine is save a little more and do it right first time.

    What is your Top line budget.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post

    What is your Top line budget.?
    Top line is 1000 but starting to think its not going to buy me anything worth buying the use of the machine is for currently one thing which can be done with templates and a router table. was hoping a machine would speed the process up and be a little fun for later on with other stuff. Its the size that seems to be the stopper as small units seem cheap enough even with ball screws.

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