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    I have a three axis router that I built about three years ago. It has performed well but has the occasional problem so I decided to move away from the parallel port connection. I have built a new control system using CS Labs IP-M controller with Leadshine EM806 drivers.

    I have now done an initial test which worked out well apart from one problem.

    The problem is with the homing routine. The machine has limit/home switches each end of X and Y and at the top of Z all wired in series.This has not given any trouble with the old control system but with the new system when requested to home it moves to a switch and stops with emergency stop activated and doesn't back off. The odd thing is that if I go to ports and pins and enable the home and limits for just one axis it homes that axis and backs off OK. This works on any axis where the switches for that axis are enabled.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hello George.

    Are your homes wired in series or parallel ? I think they're supposed to be wired in parallel. I'm definitely not an expert on this, so I will leave it to this that have the CSLab controller.

    All the best,

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    Thanks eurikain.

    Yes I have discovered that the IP-M controller requires the limits/home switches wired in parallel, I am now modifying the wiring from the series set up that I was using with the old break out board.

    I have to that the service from Zapp and CS Labs has been exceptional. I had an issue with network access with the IP-M and couldn't have wished for more help in sorting it out.

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    Andy it still won't work using one input when wired in parallel. You can't share home and limits with IP-M in the same way you could with PP using just one input.!
    The reason being IP-M for safety reasons keeps the limits ON of the Axis not homing(even with "home with safety" turned off) so you can't share the same Input number in Mach for all axis.

    You need to use at least 2 inputs wired in parallel. One for Limits and one for homes. My prefered way is to have 3 inputs with each axis sharing homing and limits. This way the Axis being homed doesn't trip the Limits of the other axis.
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    Yes that's how I am setting it up, an input for each axis with home and limits shared.
    I have it bench testing now and it functions well with that set up.

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