1. Good evening guys,

    Can any of you suggest a supplier of decent quality engraving bits. I'm looking for a 90 deg (included angle) cutter with a land on the tip of about 8thou /.2mm min or bigger. This is to cut a 90 deg v 2 mm deep in some half hard brass sheet to form folds. In an ideal world the supplier will have the ability to mod the cutter for the land, but i can do it if needs be.

    I have looked about but google seems to insist on showing me everything in the states despite a uk search........ brilliant! It seems a mine filed of a lot of cheap junk, so suppliers you have used and know to supply decent quality cutters hss or carbide would be a bonus.

    Many thanks.
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    Wealdentool (http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/V_Grooving_44.html) supply decent stuff.

    I have just been looking to buy bits for doing the same task except in 3mm Dibond...


  3. I bought an excellent inserted Nine9 engraving cutter from Advanced Carbide Tooling Ltd, I don't know if they do something that meets your requirements but Nine9 do a lot of different and interesting cutters.

    - Nick

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