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    I don't know if anyone can offer any advice, but all of a sudden and for no apparent reason (?) my limits were all triggered and would not reset. All ++ are on one circuit and all -- are on another. I also have a limits override switch. No matter how Mach3 was set up one or t'other of the limits was triggered. I use a second BoB on LPT2 and was beginning to suspect the BoB, cable or port card as everything looked hunky dory on the meter.

    So I changed the BoB and cable, but no joy - everything was the same.

    On an off chance I looked at all the other input pins and down the list, all the jog inputs were set as active on port 0.

    I de-activated them and the limits now behave as they should.

    Anybody know why ?

    Cheers, (Red Wine !!!)

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    funny things can happen when you go down that road. Are you saying that when you put the ports back to 1 it is all working again.
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    No Clive, it was red wine not port (or sherry !)

    The inputs were set as active, but on port 0. I just deactivated them (the red cross came to the rescue). I just have no idea why Mach3 should behave this way. Maybe it is a known quirk of the software. I copied the post nto the Artsoft forum to see if anybody closer to its' home might have experience of this. Anyway it is a problem solved, I just have to put the lids back on everything and start some cutting.

    Albert Einstein may have been a genius, but his brother Frank, was a monster

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