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    I have had the equipment for vinyl cutting for a while. Can anyone help with a source for the laminate materials please? Would like to make masks for airbrushing. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Buy some from ebay for testing, you'll usually get the info to buy direct with your shipment,

    - Nick

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    Nick - Can I ask if you are using sticky back or laminated media.

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    I use masking vinyl, it's adhesive backed.
    I also use a blast resist material for blast etching logos on parts, that's adhesive backed too.
    Is there any point having a non-adhesive-backed vinyl for masking? Why would it be "laminated" and with what?

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    I use Aslan 85[?] masking film, I buy it from Dorotape.

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    Graffian - Many thanks. I ordered a little to try.

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    Aslan 85 is an water-based-adhesive backed PVC film, it's not a laminate ;-)
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    Nick - I will tell it that as peel the backing off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadhead View Post
    Nick - I will tell it that as peel the backing off!
    So that makes all adhesive backed vinyl for plotter style cutters a laminate and obviates the need to specify a product that is a laminate! ;-)
    Funnily enough none of the manufacturers describe their product that way, perhaps they're all wrong ;-P
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    Check out a company named Hexis at In the world of self adhesive vinyl the thinner it is the more expensive it is as it sticks better and conforms to curves easier. There are a number of film specifically for paint masking and sand blasting. The masking material has an easy peel adhesive and is usually known as applimask or polymask. If you only want to do light surface etch sandblasting then the cheapest black or white vinyl film is very usable but if you want to cut deeper then you will need proper sandblast material that is almost like a thin silicone rubber but your machine will need a new sharp blade and plenty of pressure.

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