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    He asked about film for airbrushing and that's more or less what I used the aslan for. I redid all the transfers on some push bike
    frames and forks I was painting with paint; why spend 30 quid on a set of custom printed stickers when you can spend a week with
    an air brush and doing the same thing;-) The use of these films seems to be for big lettering, I have done letters down to slightly less than 2mm high!
    I have a ElCheapo Chinese vinyl cutter, seems to do the job pretty well.
    I will attach some pics if your interested.
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    Takes me back, I used to do servicing on Houston Instrument/Summagraphics vinyl cutters. Summa was in Newbury but Houston had the European bit in Copenhagen which was fun. The competition was Calcomp. IIRC the vinyl was not rated by thickness but by how many years it could be exposed to the sun without degrading. All gone now, the Chinese cannot be beaten on price.

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