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    i run my spindle 22h day on24k rpm 6 days week more than 2years and 0 problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lp_felix View Post
    i run my spindle 22h day on24k rpm 6 days week more than 2years and 0 problems.
    Why not let it run the extra 2hrs and give poor thing One half days off so could spend some quality time on beach.

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    Think of the sand in the bearings..................................
    John S -

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    No!!! No vacations, only work, it's my slave. 😉 but it's a nice spindle, not gets hot, no strange noises.

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    Just to close the loop on this - I've just hooked up a RS485 USB adapter to the controlling PC, linked it to the data lines on the VFD... then, like a lot of people, reversed the connections to the data lines, and with the help of the M3 plugin, have digital control of the spindle with NO wow/flutter. Clearly an analogue issue, somewhere between a cheap PSU and cheap BOB, but for now, digital control is the way forwards for me.

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