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    Hi Terry,

    I am just trying to understand what problem you are having. I put it into NC Corrector to try and visualise your g-code (I am just leaning g-code so this is a bit new to me).

    What position are you starting from (xyz?) and when you home the machine where does it go (xyz)?

    Line 5 (G28 (return home) G91 (Incremental distance mode) Z0). I guess this means it will home the X and Y axis but leave the Z same position?

    So what is mach3 doing?


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    Hi.on the setup cnc section I set the home position at the top of the material block lower left hand corner. When I set the material up on the machine bed.i jog the cutting tool to the lower left hand corner of the materials top face and then set all the axis to zero.i use paper between the cutting tool face and the material surface to cap zero. Then I download the g code. On the run the tool just drills deep into the material and I need to end the run.if its not the machine code then it must be something I am doing wrong.michael

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    There are no Negative Z axis moves in that G-code so it will not cut anything using the way you set it up. It certainly shouldn't plunge down.?

    Have you cut anything with machine before.? It could be that Mach3 is setup wrong regards the Steps per setting so it's moving further than it's being commanded.?

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    Just an idea - when my machine starts any job posted from Fusion 360 it does a full retract to the machine's Z axis zero point i.e. full retract to the "up" limit and then continues the job. Its not going to the stock or work zero for Z axis. This is a "safety" feature I think in the Fusion 360 post in order to ensure the work piece is cleared from whatever starting position your tool is at.

    Sounds like you may have your machine set up so that its Z axis machine zero is either at the top of the work piece or on the bed and the full retract my machine is performing is a "full down" to the bed move (machine zero) on your machine before continuing.

    Hope that helps.
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