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    Been busy of late and the conversion of the Seig X1LP super has been succesfull to date, now time to build something from scratch. Started badly as I couldn't resist a bargain and came across a couple of sets of Rails Bearings and screws at the right price Sub 300 delivered. So my starting point now is:
    4@ SBR20-300mm Linear guide
    4@ SBR20-600mm Linear guide
    4@ SBR20-1000mm Linear guide
    24@ SBR20UU Linear blocks
    2@ SFU / RM 1605-350mm- C7 ballscrew with end machined
    2@ SFU / RM 1605-650mm - C7 ballscrew with end machined
    2 SFU / RM 1605-1050mm- C7 ballscrew
    2@ with end machined
    6@ BK12 support for ballscrew

    6@ BF12 support for ballscrew
    6@ Couplings
    Major considerations, I have a workshop in a spare room in my first floor flat so everything gets carried up and down as required, and I try to limit noise to be considerate to neighbours. Been looking at Fusion 360 which I find simple and straightforward to use with the Seig conversion so knocked up a quick mock up of a machine to get some comments and advice sure there are lots of traps I have fallen in to pictures below .
    My requirements call for a 700x400mm work area and max 100 mmZ axis. Not included in pictures are 2 SFU / RM 1605-1050mm- C7 ballscrews driving Y axis, either 1 or 2 SFU / RM 1605-650mm - C7 ballscrew driving X axis and single SFU / RM 1605-350mm- C7 ballscrew driving Z axis with a Chinese 2.2 water cooled and VFD. A lot of my strength I am relying on a solid base I intend to bolt whole thing solidly down onto a welded steel framed table with a solid cast iron top.
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    Material wise two bed sides are100x100x10mm T section which can be backed up by another 25-35mm plate without losing work area, X and Z main components 25mm and 30mm Ecocast, first draught so nothing much fixed apart from overall size, my idea is based on ease of build, welding in the flat is not an option.

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    Not sure what your trying to achieve here.?

    If you have Cast iron surface plate why do you need the lower frame.? Just bolts the rails to the Cast iron top.

    The gantry and Z axis setup are both very bad idea. The rails on back side of thin plate will flex and resonate. But worse is the length of the top and bottom bearings plates make long lever that will flex like crazy. It will affectively be like putting Z axis and spindle on end of diving board.!!

    Suggest you scrap the whole tall sided Gantry idea and go with better setup of building up the sides from the base to give gantry clearence you need and sit rails on top. This can be done with steel tube or aluminium profile.
    Then gantry again made from tube or profile sits directly onto the bearings giving a very strong and simple setup. To give you some space back make bearing plates that offset the gantry back slightly and mount the rails on top n bottom. Put ballscrew on backside with Z axis top bearing plate extending back so can connect with ballnut.

    This setup will be much stronger and easier to build.

    Also forget buying Ecocast or ground tooling plate with these rails because the base of them will have more error than normal aluminium plate so it's wasted money.

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    Ecocast already dismissed offered some stock from a company due to close.

    Idea behind lower Plate 3x1 1/4" to make unit stable if moved off base bolting rails straight through plate and cast top so idea to have some rigidity while building off plate as thats being ground.

    Raising sides and shortening gantry was considered using 6x2 box section between cast plate and mounting rails shortening gantry sides considerably sounds like this may be worth while also removes bottom plate.

    As I already have all of the Angle and T sections that I used in original design (reasoning behind much of my design) and have been offered all the plates in original design for 100 inc vat for 6082 grade stock will have to see what is available have to look will be buying more depending on space in my lock up when I see the total stock today, if nothing better available backing the 1x6 635mm X axis with available 3x1x1/4" angle would allow top bottom mounting X rails and firm up cross beam.

    Back to the Drawing board and try again, thanks for the input.
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    Had a quick look at design and Knocked up version 2 this is a draft few peices omitted till I collect stock material acquired today like side of gantry just turned original on side for now and nor bothered actually mating same to bearings more for concept than actual design, also brackets mounts for screws, motors etc missing.

    Hopefully overall design and more importantly rigidity improved pics below sides now 6x2x1/4" Aluminium Box, cross member on X axis now original 150x30mm Backed by 2@3x1x1/4 Angle faced to 75mm x 25.4 to fit.
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    First chance to do any work on build today half a day off so made a start, first job decide what to do about the steel and cast iron base I intended on using, top has been ground flat and its ready to go but Base weighs in above 3Cwt and Top just over 4Cwt all to be carried upstairs.

    For time being I am going to put base into my lock up and try a different base to as all work in flat is likely to be lightweight, I will be selling my flat and buying a property with a workshop so the base will either be used then with this machine I originally designed for it or with version 2.0 which I have no doubt will be built.

    So alternate base? As welding out of question in flat I have gone for simplicity, two sheets of 25mm MDF to make my base, bed laminated 75mm MDF whole base sealed glued and screwed, it's solid, time will tell if its solid enough, I cannot see any problems with type of work it will do whilst in the flat.

    As base was drying I decided to drill and tap side rails which are 6"x4"x1/4" Ali box I used M6 with 30mm washers to attach rails to bed, M4 to mount external supporting ribs 300mm 38x38x6mm T section, M4 again to mount 20mm supported rails quite happy with the afternoons work, rails have a little adjustment available and I intend on locking them down with either loc-tite or epoxy when final adjustments made, currently as close as I can measure having just dropped them on and pinched up they are within 0.5mm over 1000mmm on the parallel.

    Couple of pics below showing latest design and progress.
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    Grabbed a couple of Hours this afternoon again and made a start on the X axis, by far biggest lump of aluminium thats been machined on the Seig since conversion, think I upset it when I put the fly cutter on to true and parallel top and bottom to accept rails, it started spitting needlles at me with a vengance!

    635x150x30mm 5083 Plate backed by two lengths of 3x1X1/4" angle which was drilled and plate drilled and tapped for M4, top and bottom trued, paralleled, drilled and tapped M4 again to mount rails.

    Stomache was thinking throat had been cut so stopped now to eat, just two ends of crossmember to machine true and parrallel and it is about ready for ends/gantry sides to be mounted, I am thinking pocket the gantry sides 1/16" to accept crossmenber for strength and ease of alignment doing so also positions them nicely to centre of Y axis bearings.

    Spindle and VFD just arrived got a good deal on these 146 delivered and they look ok, now I'm cooking with gas.

    Build is going OK a good start with 9 hours in its starting to take shape, if you sort of squint and look sideways that is, as my old dad always said "a blind man would be glad to see it"!
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    Thats a solid piece of gantry! Must weigh a bit?

    Have not tried a flycutter yet, but I suspect the same thing will happen when I do :)

    Have fun with your build!

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    Have a Y and now almost an X and I have a few spare hours over the weekend to come up with working drawing for Z and start machining. Impressed with Fusion360 so far simple to use and with a little tinker of the code before running mach3 the little seig conversion goes about its business with little complaining, nice to get some decent size lumps on it to cut eventually and make some decent chips.

    Ended up pocketing 4mm each side to centre the gantry raiils onto Y axis bearings. the work area I will be able to use now confirmed as minimum 780x450x100mm

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Managed to get a couple of hours in over the weekend, and made some progress with Z axis, now have three smooth free moving axis and screws mounted for Y and Z still waiting on delivery of some parts so limited to working with parts already available. Time to start thinking about motor sizes required, being a novice I was surprised by the weight accumulation with the 20-30mm 5083 plate, rails, ballscrews etc used so need to work out totals and ensure adequate power from steppers drivers etc.,
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    Progress being made not been able to keep up with posts as everything has been done in snatched moments as and when the free ones occured, all wired and connected ready for a test run tomorrow work permitting. Went with 5 axis BOB, 4 x DM542 4.2a drivers, 4 x 425oz Nema 23, 2.2kw HY VFD and Spindle, linkage I used 2:1 ratio from motors to 1605 ballscrews, power supply a pair of 36v 9.7amp units I had, option to swap in a pair of 48v 10.4amp will be available soon if it will be beneficial.
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