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    Hi Guys
    Clamping set on offer again, this is a bigger size than the last one(i think)
    Promo code is CAT50
    Comes out @ 42.99 plus the usual VAT & postage

    Enter Promo Code: CAT50 | Offer Valid 29/3/16 - 31/3/16
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    Mike - I only see a 52pc milling machine clamping set, but at 20+VAT it's a good price!

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    Hi Neale
    Have changed the link, it should be OK now.
    I had put it into shopping basket and entered the ProMo code to see if it was worth posting, then copied the address.

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    Ah, I found mine from the special offers drop-down. The difference is that the cheaper set fits 16mm T-slots, the bigger/more expensive set is for 18mm T-slots. Choose your weapon!

    - Brian

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    I believe it's the same kit priced at 65.

    It might come in handy in case someone missed the price drop, as it seems a little bit cheaper than MSC's original price. There are other sizes too.


    PS. My first post here. Hope to get along with you guys ;)

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