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    I'm thinking of using some 12mm cast machined plate to save some operations on some work that I am doing, its been a few years since I have machined some. Could anyone tell me what the thickness tolerance is in reality. How much deviation would i get on the 12mm across a piece 70x50mm and a piece 300x150mm?

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    As you have not had a reply yet...........In theory it should be pretty good, that said you can sometimes get cast tooling plate that has warped a bit as a bit of stress has released, more often found in the thicker plate sizes than the smaller ones like 12 mm. Again in theory the fact it is cast should mean it is stress free but anything that is worked can release stress.

    I don't have official tolerances to hand but can i can soon get them if you really need.

    On the 70 x 50 you should expect no warpage at all due to its small size.
    On the 300 x 150 again its a small plate size so in theory you should really have zero warpage. If it was a bad piece (a very bad piece on that size from experience .1 mm tops warpage. Something like .05 mm i think is a fairly expected typical range on that plate size, so its pretty small really.

    Ecocast is only a brand name to catch the eye, all cast tooling plates are pretty much the same from different manufactures. As such i only use generic cast plate from normal metal suppliers (I exclude ally warehouse from being a normal supplier as they appear to target the general public)

    I did mention in a post before i may be interested in supplying you guys with plate if it worked out cheaper for you guys and there is enough interest. I would not do it to make money, the only charges i would put on is to cover my admin costs, so it doesn't physically cost me other than a bit of time every now and then.

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