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    i hear you on the laser but it just seems like to me that a drill bit would cut wood cleaner and better than a laser maybe not metal but definitely wood,
    You get charring due to the laser that can be minimised by selecting the right feeds and power.Then a normal flapper type sanding wheel will take care of the rest. A Drill bit however is only used to drill holes. It cannot cut. An endmill or router bit will cut. The issue I see is that you cannot have a sharp internal corner due to the diameter of your cutter and that is one reason I did the job on my laser. And changing bits out, say from an 1/4" to a 1/10" cutter is a pain. If you are engraving, fine but then you may as well get a proper machine.

    The software used for lasers is much simpler than the one required for cutting too. You do not have to worry about parameters, homing, ensuring the GCode is good. For someone that is pretty new to all this, looking to make money cutting out wood, then there is no beating the laser. The learning curve is minimal as opposed to CNC routers/cutting machines where you need a months/years under your belt before being able to confidently say you are any good at it.

    Ultimately though it is your money to spend as you please. CNC is rewarding and a good skill to have but a cnc machine is by no means a Santa Claus machine.
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    looked at the laser cutter at work it does cut very clean and fast the only two things now that i have to find out about is how much power does it use and the cutting size and space.

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    Komatias wanted to know what do you use to smooth out your letters like that and to get that finish on them

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    From what the client told me, he did nothing to the sides apart from brush them with a hard nylon brush. Then they applied varnish to the whole thing. If you get the speed and intensity of the laser right there is very little post process needed.
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    Thank you for the response I will apply that thanks again

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    Last question I hope what type of software do I need to run the 50w laser machine or do I need anything at all

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    you need a grapfic software to make vector graphics and the one that is packaged in with the laser to turn the vectors into machine readable code. You should join the facebook group too.
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    ok I will join but question based off the feed back this is the machine I decided to buy ( Water Cooling 50W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Engraver Cutter Build-in Air Pump){} what do you think

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    Advice for when it arrives water cooling is vital letting the tube get over temp will kill it very quickly, operating at 100% will reduce life of tube so use minimum required to do job, there are suppliers of MDF and PLY for laser cutting that cut much easier and better than standard supplies couple fo examples just first to come up on google below these have been manufactured for laser cutting and some older PLY etc is difficult to cut with laser. Make sure mirrors and lenses are always kept clean and aligned and protect eyes at all times.

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    And for the love of machinery, use deionised water and 5% automotive antifreeze as coolant. Not tap water.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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