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    Using inkscape is like any other software you need to read manuals and practice, it handles many formats for import and export but as with any other software there is no magic shortcut around the learning curve.
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    ok thanks working on that curve now

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    Do i have to download some software to get my computer to see my cnc machine because i cant get them to connect

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    It should come with necessary driver but best not to plug in before installing drivers it may well install wrong ones, if you have done this may need to go into the device manager identify device uninstall and remove drivers. Should all be in the destruction manual that comes with the machine.

    RTFI (Read the flipping instructions) is the polite version, we all tend to plug in and try but often not the best solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theceo View Post
    Do i have to download some software to get my computer to see my cnc machine because i cant get them to connect
    I could be very wrong here - and probably am - but from the photo this looks like a chinese laser (I can't seen any obvious safety interlocks - but again, I might be wrong).

    Anyway, if it is a Chinese laser, it might be like mine (I bought a cheap 40W Chinese special) - and no software was supplied. When I queried this with the supplier they provided, via email, the dodgy copies of Corel-esque software that provided the direct interface with the machine... there wasn't an explicit driver.

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    yes its the chinese laser cuter 50w the one i was advised to get by this panel but yes they gave me software that doesnt work bad desk, but no saftey issue here wanted to see if i could get the drivers another way

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    Figured out a work around to download the software for my machine with a bad desk I GOT SKILLS

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    spelling is not one of them it's a bad disk the desk is what you put under the computer not in it.

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    why lucan07 your cool

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    question what is the best way to adjust my cutting dept with my cnc machine i'm thinking cutting power let me know thanks in advance

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