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    Hi, I would like to buy some easy change Collets for my denford novamill, If you have any please make me an offer.

    Regards Morten

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    If it's the holders you need Coventry Engineering still supply them.

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    I have also been on the look out but not found anything second hand.

    This place sells them, not cheap though:-


    Do you already have a selection of easychange holders? If not, it may be a cheaper option to swap out the easychange system (sell it) for a standard ER32 holder and a selection of collets?

    Another option would be just to buy a easychange ER32 collet chuck (~80 on the above link) and a selection of collets?



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    Morgen, I have an Easychange bt30 holder with two ER16 collet chucks that fit it, off my Novamill. Would this be interesting? I use straight er16 chucks in my machine. I'd prefer to sell as a job lot, they don't get used.

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    JohnHaine, PM send.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cncJim View Post
    This place sells them, not cheap though:-
    Thanks for the reminder Jim!
    My little mill came with a 6mm endmill holder and a 10mm endmill holder, I've been using ER11 collet chucks on 10mm straight shanks (about 7 each on ebay) for 0-7mm tool holding.
    I've just ordered an extra 10mm holder and a 12mm holder for ER16 collet chucks on 12mm straight shanks (about 10 each on ebay) to expand the range of tooling I can use,
    - Nick

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