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    My z drive will work when connected will x axis cable but won't work using its output.the Sri will move on screen the motor is making noise.below is a picture on the diagnostic screen there is a fault but I don't know how to repair it.

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    When did it last work properly?
    What has changed since then?
    You've done half the diagnosis work, proving that tour Z motor works on an alternate driver, now you need to try your Z driver on another motor to definitively isolate the problem to just your Z driver.
    You don't give any details of your hardware, if I had this fault on my system I would swap out a driver but this is not an option on "All in One" Break Out Board and driver units where one failed driver renders the whole board scrap.

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    I Changed the leads from the z to x then the x worked the z fine but the z driver would not work the x .I got the machine with this problem

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    Examine all the components and tracks on the faulty driver section of the board (both sides) and compare to the good ones, I'm betting there's a toasted component or track somewhere on there.
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