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    Hey guys, in my country is really hard to find pcs to make a CNC Machine, i purchased 6 years ago some pieces and get stored in a box.

    I want to start making some machine soon, and was thinking about welding steel (because are not easy to find more than 8mm thickness here) was thinking abt use two U (PGU) welded. but im really not good with the arc welding machine :/

    I think about use Epoxy (After read this forum) to level it and place the guides.

    The problem is that i cant find a supplier of epoxy in my country. I just found an epoxy used for floors and other that used for gifts and small pcs (cristal epoxy resin) and today found a place that sell laminating epoxy one used with carbon fiber (wilpox brand)

    Which is the use of the epoxy that you guys use for your machines?

    Sorry for my english
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    i found

    araldite SW404 and RP4036


    Wildpox APV1C (1375 ~ 1625 mpas)
    Wildpox APV3C (10000 - 12000 mpas)
    Wildpox APV4C (5000 ~ 6500 mpas)

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    The System that we seem to use over here is the Wests System 105 / 209 http://www.westsystem.com/ss/use-guides/
    it is a very slow curing hardener about 10 hours but you have to be carful with the temperature.
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    Impossible to get that brand in argentina.
    looks like need to find another way to get an smooth surface to bolt the rails

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsagaz View Post
    Impossible to get that brand in argentina.
    looks like need to find another way to get an smooth surface to bolt the rails
    You have not said what size machine you want to build and what you would like to cut with it?
    Do you have a design in mind?
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    well i made like 20 designs in the last years, the main problem that i have is that some THK rails SR20 that i purchased have rust and the carts dont runs smooth, dont know if are the carts that are fault or the rust. Btw, i have an SR25 ones (new ones) and runs smooth in another rails

    I made like 10 designs in the last years (i purchased the parts mmm like 6-7 years ago so i want to make something and use at least some of the pcs that i already have.

    I dont have enough money this time..

    Btw, i want to cut mainly wood and aluminium. I want to make some speakers cabinets (wood/mdf) and aluminium to build parts for smallest machines, maybe for PCB routing/milling. and to make amplifiers cabinets

    Modified the design many times, but will draw something soon (but if dont found the epoxy in my country looks like will needto think in another design)

    Sorry for my english

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    Welcome to the forum
    I am finding it difficult to believe that epoxy resin is not available ln your country, it is used for many applications. have you tried an ebay search.
    Regarding the rails, try using scotchbrite pads or similar with a light oil or WD40
    (depends how heavy the rust deposit is, if you search the forum there is some info regarding electolosis for cleaning profile rails.stop running the carriages along the rails for a start, it might be possible to get a half decent result with a bit of work.
    Good luck

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    you can use laminating epoxy, you must just get the slowest hardener they have ... if they have ATH you can mix some of that in 30%ATH and 70% epoxy , this will make the epoxy less likely to crack

    make sure you clean the surface with thinners / acetone after washing with soap and water

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    Thanks too much, after hard search find some new resins, ones used for Domes (Epoxy Domes) https://www.google.com/search?q=epoxy+domes&tbm=isch - These have viscosity resin 10000 - 12000 mpa and hardener 400mpas. These come without solvent and harder in like 24 hours. Looks like glass
    and found another similar that can be used with additional stuff like sand/quartz/carbonate maximum 100% of weight- viscosity resin 1375 ~ 1625 mpas and hardener 600-700 mpas.

    Cost is like 36USD each KG
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    Another option is to use 3/4" natural granite. SOmeone know if is possible ? i can make the structure from welded steel and then attack some pieces of Natura Granite to get flat surface.

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