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    For engraving aluminium, what does everyone use for the bit? I presume that just loading a V bit won't be adequate because the aluminium (1050) isn't 100% flat.

    Looking on ebay I only see spring loaded tool holders from America. Is there a UK source?
    Also, I need it for my 6040 so less than 7mm diameter..

    I've read that people have diy'd them, but would I need a lathe for that? As I don't have one.

    Any help greatly appreciated

  2. How far from flat is "not 100%", is there a reason you can't surface it before engraving?
    It's probably worth testing with a fixed V-bit cutter to see if the results look OK if the surface is nominally flat,

    - Nick

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    To my eyes, it seems flat.. but the problem is I'm wanting to do very small writing, 1.5mm height and line width of around 0.2mm. So I was thinking it may be a problem.

    I've not surfaced anything with aluminium yet.. it's 3mm thick stuff so not a lot to play with.. What sort of tool do you use for that? I only have a standard surfacing bit described as "for wood"

    The plan is to mill the aluminium.. then paint it.. then lacquer it.. then apply some vinyl signmakers paper on top.. engrave through that.. then paint it.. then remove the vinyl paper.. does this sound like a doable plan?

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    Here's one that looks quite good, it's an eBay jobby but UK like you wanted.

    Reading the description he seems to know what he's doing re 7mm shank (rigidity).

    I'm going to order one and give it a go, though he's got video on YouTube showing them at work, there's a video in the listing too but you'll need to view it on a desktop pc or lappy.

    eBay Link:
    CNC Drag engraving tool for router or plotter. Spring loaded.


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    Unfortunately I don't think that one wouldn't fit my ER11 800W spindle.. It's a shame, as there doesn't seem to be many options this side of the pond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d4cnc View Post
    Unfortunately I don't think that one wouldn't fit my ER11 800W spindle.. It's a shame, as there doesn't seem to be many options this side of the pond.

    Make an adapta?

    Roll your own?

    I noticed, opertunity there for someone who knows their way around a lathe, get the price right I think you would sell well, if you did something like in the pic, you could make the tips consumables and score the repeat orders too...


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    Yes, I think there is an opportunity there too. The problem is I'm rather latheless personally..

    If someone out there wants a guinea pig to test their design however.. I'm available ;)

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    Its a different thing but seen the Aliminium Roland Vinyl cutter tool holders you can pick up on Ebay for a couple of quid used for some very fine drag engraving on wine glasses with a diamond tip might be worth a couple of quid to see if you can do anything with an aliminium tool holder very similar to this unit and a great place to start "rolling your own", it would be worth that to play and see may want to upgrade the spring and make a shank adapter. it would be light weight but that seems to be all you want

  9. What depth of 7mm shank can be accommodated inside your collet chuck?
    I ask because I have a design for a sprung 7mm OD drag engraving tool but it's dependent upon the length which can be behind the collet face,

    - Nick

  10. Update -
    The Yanks make one already -

    Considering that the diamond tool alone is around 20 it's not a bad deal,

    - Nick

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