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    Ah yes, I was looking at that one.. but was unsure of what I would do if I needed to replace the bit.. would I need a whole new tool etc. or are the bits replaceable. And also, I'd have preferred an English source, as was in a hurry.. however as it seems America has the monopoly on these type of things, I went in the end for this one..

    Seems like it would work well.. I could also use standard cutters.. and it's used with spindle on.. so isn't drag engraving which I've read isn't a great thing to do on spindles like mine which aren't too strong.. not sure how true that is?

    The guy also was willing to answer all my questions which was helpful for a beginner like me.

    Obviously the proof is in the pudding and there's not many reviews/videos of it so I'll let you know how it goes and any tribulations I know doubt will run into.. !

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicniner View Post
    Update -
    The Yanks make one already -

    Considering that the diamond tool alone is around 20 it's not a bad deal,

    - Nick

    i have similar 120 degree. It makes 0.2mm wide lines. I would much wonder why sb will want to buy a 60 degree diamond for dragging.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

  3. Hi Guys,
    Bit of disclosure first... I am the guy making these:
    eBay Link:
    CNC Drag engraving tool for router or plotter. Spring loaded.
    I've been making them for 6 years.
    Now, I need to warn anyone with an ER11 collet machine (or Bosch POF500A or similar) that the reason I do not sell engravers with shanks smaller than 10mm is not because I can't mechanically make them, I can, but small routers (of the ER11 variety) are NOT DESIGNED for the side loading involved in drag engraving.
    You will destroy your bearings in short order. This is why I sell a simple split collet which holds the engraver and which replaces the router body during engraving.
    For the love of God, do not buy a 1/4" shank drag engraver and use it in a small router.
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    Do you do a collet option for machines that would replace a 65mm diameter spindle? I have a 6040 that I'm trying to engrave with.

  6. They're hand made to order so I can make them any size.

    I have made one 65mm collet in the past.

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    Ah great. The problem I'm having with the mrrace one I'm using is that because the aluminium is soft, and once the tool is spinning, the spring doesn't come into play at all.. it just dives straight in to the work.. this means getting small lines isn't feasable at the moment. I was using a 20 degree 0.1mm tip bit. I've since bought a 10 degree one to try but not had a chance to experiment yet. The goal is to have writing at a width of around 0.2mm.. then to paint that writing.. would that be possible with your set up do you think?
    Many thanks

  8. I've just added "65mm" to the collet options on

  9. I would think so with the 120 tip.

  10. This is a video of my 120 tip engraving aluminium

    skip forward to 5:20

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    In post 16 d4cnc is saying 'once the tool is spinning, - I thought this was about a drag engraver and as such shouldn't spin.


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