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    In post 16 d4cnc is saying 'once the tool is spinning, - I thought this was about a drag engraver and as such shouldn't spin.

    He is talking about his mmrace spring loaded toolholder

    as far as engraving and color filling better read this, but in short :

    "As a rule of thumb, with characters up to 1/4" high, engrave to a depth of .010" -.012". On larger characters, it is advisable to go .015" - .020" deep depending on theline width and filling technique used."
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Check your PM's
    John S -

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  4. Hi John,

    I have replied but if you don't see the reply feel free to call me on 07711 zero two six six five three



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    Laser works best for engraving aluminium :-)


  6. What size of laser do you need?

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    Mine is 10w, 1023nm, galvo. You can do it with a 6w blue fibre laser on an xy gantry home made. Size is not really the issue, beam quality is more important..

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