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    4mm pass depth with that machine is ...

    3 fluted mills are ok, i don't know what the hassle with that one flute mills? I do absolutely perfect cuts in plastic wood and aluminum with 3 fluted mills.

    Calculators are superb though. But without any calculator i will tell you that 3mm pass, 12k rpm and 25-35 ipm will work on any machine similar to yours with good result and without coolant. Though you have to stay there to blow chips out from pocket otherwise it would rub them between cutter and material and here the bit brakes...
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    My one will push a 5mm single-flute carbide at 19,000rpm and 900mm/min or 35ipm and 2.5mm pass depth, its a fairly heavy cut and will fling hot chips at you ;)

    It has a 2.2kw water-cooled spindle on it and was built to cut aluminium.

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