Hi was wondering whether someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a product that I want to make, (RC related) this is a good quality model stand, raw material is birch ply 12/18mm 4x8 sheets.
I know that to get a machines that cut metal I would need a good heavy CNC machine but I wish I could cut 2mm carbon fibre epoxy resin as well as balsa and RC model airplane kits.

The machine I was looking at is a Rhino 1.5m x 3m from robocutters UK. The guy I spoke with (Colin) told me that to get reasonable accuracy for a 3m long machine I would need to have rack and rail drive system. the machine would cost about 2.6K (hardware, drivers & router excluding cnc software), but Colin has kind of promised to give me a firm confirmation on the price but now failed for third week.
Regarding software I will buy the v carve pro, work on an cad software and export dxf once I have the machine sorted.

Now I'm asking for some advice here.

Has anyone heard/used/know robocutters UK? Good/Bad? Is there someone else that I can ask for a quote?
Can someone build me a machine that will have the capability?